Aroma diffusor

Aroma diffusors

There are countless scents, and each can bring back fond memories, impact our mood or simply enhance our well-being. There are many ways of diffusing the desired fragrance in a room. Some of the most elegant solutions are our aroma diffuser.
With Luna, you only need to place a few drops of scented oil in the water reservoir to diffuse a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance throughout the room. This appliance works on the basis of ultrasound technology. Our latest dry diffusion aroma diffusor Elara achieves long term fragrance diffusion together with our Stylies Aroma Gels.

Stylies Elara

  • Max. 1.3 Watt
  • Ingenious aroma airflow channel for best fragrance diffusion
  • 2 speed levels, interval & timer
  • USB, Adapter or battery power
  • Compatible with aroma oil and perfume
  • Recommended use with Stylies Aroma Gel
  • Available in four colours: white – anthracite – purple
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) 74x74x100mm
Weight 0.30kg

Stylies Luna

  • Power consumption: 6 W
  • Up to 10 g/h fragrance diffusion
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Night mode (no lights)
  • Long running time (approx. 4 hours with one full fill)
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 100 x 100 x 215 mm
Weight 0.22kg
Colour white