Accessories for Stylies products

Stylies Aroma Gel

Stylies Aroma Gel is based only of natural components and achieves a permanent scenting of up to 30 days. Thanks to dry diffusion no risk of inhalation of fluid particles. In addition to this, Stylies Aroma Gel is biodegradable.

Available in the fragrances

Spring Green Tea
Summer Green Apple
Autumn Cedar & Sandalwood
Winter Ginger


or with all four fragrances in the “Four Seasons Set”.

Stylies Filter Cassette

Our anti-bacterially treated filter cassettes absorb a substantial amount of water within a short time. As a result, our Evaporators attain an optimal humidifying Performance. The cassettes should be replaced every 2-3 months.

Stylies Cartridge

The filter cartridge minimizes the discharge of undesired mineral residues and lime scale. The lifespan of the filter Granulate depends on the water hardness.

Stylies Refill Granulate

The refill granulate for the simple change of granulate of the anti-calc cartridge.

Suitable for: Stylies Taurus, Hera, Titan, Leonis, Galaxy, Libra, Aquila and Hydra
Lifetime: 1 – 2 months, depending on the water hardness.

Stylies Clean Cube

Patented high-end Technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs in the water for one year. The Stylies Clean Cube does not depend on electricity. It is activated when it comes in contact with water. Suitable for all humidifiers.


Stylies Pegasus Filter Pack

The replacement filter pack for Pegasus consists of a pre-filter and an active carbon filter. Both filers should be replaced after not more than six months.